Make the Right Business Choice with the Best A and B Testing Tools

Getting ready to set up a business is a big step in itself. It requires careful planning and execution and the same time an insight into the minds of the target audience as to what they will prefer. To know what your clients are looking for is like hitting the right note. With the boom in the online sales and services the same precision and insight is needed. Various methods for advertising are being devised so as to evaluate the consumer attention and satisfaction. On such method is A and B testing that helps you to check and evaluate the user’s reaction to certain aspects of your website promoting your company or the product.

As the name suggests A and B testing is to check the response of the traffic with different changes in the concerned website. Here the traffic is diverted to two different versions of the same webpage so as to test the various elements like the webpage, color combination and even the font size. The knowledge of these different reactions form the main core of A and B testing.  But because this has been known to be an expensive solution, more affordable and effective tools for A and B testing are becoming available.

One such example that is for free is the Google Website Optimiser which allows the user to set up simple and also complex experiments before finalizing on the exact layout of one’s website. Another example for A and B testing tools is Optimizely that is not for free and offers a few added features that help in reorganizing the website with more ease. So now you can be sure of your strategy before hitting go!

Best A and B Testing Tools


Unlike Google’s solution, Optimizely is not free, but it’s worth paying for if you can spring for it. It features a browser-based WYSIWYG page editor for creating alternate versions of a given page. The only modification of your own site that’s required is to drop a single line of code before the closing tag.

Once an experiment starts running, the data is available in real-time, which can be fascinating to watch. This is one perk that Google Website Optimizer does not offer. Plans start at $19 a month.


Much like Optimizely, SumoOptimize offers a WYSIWYG page editor and real-time test results. The pricing is a little more palatable for small businesses, as it offers more plans, including a free one.

Here is on of the best existing solution, but not quite cheep (for start you can use a free trial).

Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer, with its dead-simple test designer, step-by-step wizards and a super-sexy interface will make you fall in love with A/B split testing.

So here you can find more about Visual Website Optimizer.

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